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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Economy |

Amazon reported a net loss of $274 million USD

Amazon reported a net loss of $ 274 million USD

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has released its financial report for Q3, which turned out to be lower than expected by analysts and the company itself. Jeff Bezos’s company reported profits of USD $13,810 million, ranking 23% above that achieved in the same period last year and an operating loss of USD $28 million. This positions the net loss at $274 million, driven primarily by the $ 169 million that accounted for the company’s investment in LivingSocial, Groupon competitor in the market for discount coupons.

Without going into great detail, the company says that the Fire HD is the item most sold worldwide through its services, while the second and third place is occupied by the Kindle and Kindle input.

Amazon expected over the next three fiscal months sales rebound up to a point between USD $20,250 million and USD $22,750 million, always driven by the holidays this year and traction that could occur at this time to sell its tablets and e-book readers recently launched.

Link: Announces Third Quarter Sales up 27% to $13.81 Billion (Amazon)

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