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Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Internet |

Amazon selects its first projects that could become TV series

Amazon selects its first projects that could become TV series

Already for some time been informed of the movements of in an effort to produce their own television content . Not only series but also films like zombies and gladiators to be directed by Clive Barker himself.

But for now, what makes news is the series, specifically, the first four Projects selected by Amazon to continue its development and path to someday become a finished product. They are:

The 100 Deaths of Mort Grimley : a man goes to hell after committing suicide, and the lack of population in that place, offering to bring more people in exchange for a possible “perdonazo”.

Doomsday : A group of people ready to face the last days of earth, including who made the doomsday prediction.

Billionaire Monkey Magic : the death of a millionaire magician leaves the inheritance to only one of his two assistants animals (a monkey and a rabbit), creating a fight between friends.

Plaidsheep Buck : Buck is a sheep and a kind of avenging on the farm Fleecy, who always comes to the call of duty but not always things turn out as intended.

Of the four projects, three are animated comedies (Doomsday being exclusive), and only to be selected through the slate Development program, will report to its creators an award of USD $ 10,000. These projects may never get to become a series, and have passed this stage only allowed to move forward in the pre-production and later on this will be if the potential for release through Amazon Instant Video service, for now only available in America.

To date, Amazon has received more than 9,000 screenplays and 1,000 pilots of television series.

Link: Amazon Studios Announces the First Four Projects on Its Development Slate Series (Hollywonk)

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