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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Entertainment |

Amazon test scripts for converting movies possible in comics

Amazon test scripts for converting movies possible in comics

started a project a while ago to create their own content, under the seal of Amazon Studios . Taking an unusual measure, the company asked people to send their ideas for TV shows and to assess and decide whether produce.

Amazon has not yet taken any idea to the screen, but it is proving a real interesting to see what the response of the audience that has gathered ideas: turn them into comics. The first is ” Blackburn Burrow “, a horror story set in the Civil War era in America. “A nameless man with a mysterious past fights to save a girl from the supernatural horrors infesting a small Appalachian town in northern Georgia,” says the review.

The project will be published in chapters, and at the end of each there is a survey to collect the views of readers and know if it’s worth turning the idea into a movie or not.

The project presentations sent to Amazon already come with preliminary drawings and even trailers, however, this strategy allows more directly meet the audience impressions and possibly improve the stories along the way. It is normal for many filmmakers seek ideas in comics to movies, so it is interesting to see that Amazon take advantage of the comics in his film strategy.

Link: Blackburn Burrow (Amazon via The Verge )

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