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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD A4-5000 “Kabini” vs A8-3500M “Llano” to the same frequency

Die Kabini

A few days ago AMD introduced its new SoC and Temash , its first SoC based on their micro-low power architecture Jaguar , the same micro-architecture present in the Thebe (PlayStation 4) and Krypto (Xbox One).

Rahul Garg, one of the drafters of Anandtech, brings us a mini-review, which compares the for AMD SoC “Kabini” (Jaguar quad core running at and equipped with AMD Radeon HD IGP 8330 “Sea Islands”) against the AMD APU “Llano” (quad core running at 1.5GHz/2.4GHz and equipped with AMD Radeon HD 6620G IGP “VLIW5).

For these tests technology disable Turbo Core A8-3500M APU so that both microprocessors running at 1.5GHz. Without further ado, here are some of their test:

Kabini: 0.971Hz
Llano: 1.41Hz

Cinebench R11.5
Kabini: 1.5
Llano: 1.9

Mozilla Kraken
Kabini: 6512.7
Llano: 5883

Kabini: MIPS 3793 compression / decompression MIPS 5397
Llano: MIPS 5317 compression / decompression MIPS 6152

Averaging the results have to has a 25% yield per cycle than Kabini, a result that can be considered very good considering it is based on Kabini, microarchitecture optimized for low power and with 33% less execution units that Llano.

Link: Jaguar vs AMD AMD Llano (K10) at same clocks (Searching for the Divine Code)


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