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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD and ARM Fusion redefine beyond x86

AMD and ARM Fusion redefine beyond x86

A couple of days ARM said they would do an ad about during the event AMD AMD Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) 2012, announcement that many thought it was his association with many other leading companies in the initiative Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA ) Foundation , but the announcement of ended up going far beyond that.

ARM and announced they had narrowed their relationships and the fruits of which are HSA Foundation and the integration of ARM Cortex-A5 cores in future AMD APU, the starting from Kaveri to be launched next year.

The core ARM Cortex-A5 MPCore help strengthen the of online transactions through its technology TrustZone , a secure execution environment (Trusted Execution Environment “TEE”) protected from software attacks feature in the entire family of SoCs Cortex-A Series of ARM.

Many analysts believe that this is the first step of AMD to the future development of ARM SoCs that enable it to enter new markets where x86 is not the best option such as smartphones and tablets.

At the moment continues to rely on AMD x86 and has planned many products aimed at the market for tablets and future APU consumption and ultra-low Temash Hondo, so it would be very difficult to change their plans at this point.

With this announcement, AMD delivers on its promises of future APU technologies that make IP (intellectual property) of others , and can say that again have a license ARM, which is already in his power why not use it in other more ambitious ? Time to time.

Link: AMD adds ARM processor as it looks beyond x86 (ComputerWorld)

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