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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD Announces 9000 FX-Series microprocessors

AMD Announces 9000 FX-Series microprocessors

Last week AMD Gigabyte revealed plans to launch new FX-Series microprocessors operating at frequencies up to 5.0GHz , and today officially revealed under the trade name: AMD Series.

The new chips AMD FX-9000 Series are made initially by microprocessors (running at 5.0GHz in Turbo Core mode 3.0) and (running at 4.7GHz in Turbo Core mode 3.0), both based on the micro- architecture and Piledriver comprised of four modules (eight cores).

Unfortunately AMD has not revealed the full specifications of its new microprocessors, but we assume that possess architectural improvements (Piledriver +) very similar to those introduced in recent APU Richland . While maintaining compatibility with the existing socket + microprocessors used in current FX-8000 Series first (Zambezi) and second generation (Vishera).

The new microprocessors as has become customary in recent years AMD will be available initially for the OEM market (brand OEMs) and later for the general public.

Its price is still unknown.

Link: AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor (AMD)


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