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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD announces he will not abandon the CPUs with socket

AMD announces he will not abandon the CPUs with socket

We know that starting with future microprocessors Brodwell , Intel has decided to focus on developing x86 SoCs, which used BGA contacts and marketed soldered directly onto the motherboard, preventing replace these components separately. This approach seemed to suggest that its Intel competitor would follow the same path, and from The Tech Report reaching us AMD’s statements on this subject.

Chris Hook of AMD claims that AMD has a long history supporting the enthusiast market and users who prefer to customize their computers themselves, preferring CPUs and APUs with sockets (AMD type used PGA), which are compatible with a wide range motherboards from various manufacturers. This will continue in 2013 and 2014 with and future fx CPUs, and plan to continue to support this critical sector of the market.

AMD says its only products that use contacts are your lines APUs Ultrathins focused, all-in-one, tablets and computers for industrial systems (embedded), but claim to understand the enthusiasm of Intel by moving their products towards such an approach .

Finally, in 2014 and in future years will continue to exist with the traditional socket interchangeable, so users who prefer these configurations will continue to have options to choose from.

Link: AMD: We’re Not Abandoning socketed CPUs (The Tech Report)

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