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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD APP SDK 2.8 comes with impressive performance improvements GPGPU

AMD APP SDK 2.8 comes with impressive performance improvements GPGPU

It has been seven months since the release of AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) SDK 2.7 , the (Installable Client Driver) to support standard computing accelerated GPU / CPU (x86/ARM) / FCPGA / CMOS Khronos OpenCL Group, a long period that did not update their ICD, but says the wait was worth it and today we present their new JPA 2.8.

The new AMD (APP) 2.8 promises performance improvements of up to 130% (2.3x) for GPU accelerated applications (GPGPU), compared to the performance offered by the previous ICD OpenCL SDK 2.7, and consolidating the high performance offered by GPUs AMD OpenCL applications , both in domestic as well as supercomputers.

SDK 2.8 also includes a new library of C + + templates (codenamed Bolt), comprising the OpenCL sample apps, Aparapi and C + + AMP.

AMD also makes available its new AMD CodeXL, a suite of developer tools aimed at optimizing and debugging applications to OpenCL they reach the highest performance possible on AMD GPUs and APUs.

AMD APP SDK 2.8 is compatible with Linux (openSUSE 11, Ubuntu 11 and RHEL 6) and Windows Vista and higher, and requires taking drivers installed AMD Catalyst 12.10 WHQL and above, also requires a CPU with support game SSE2 or higher.

Link: AMD APP SDK 2.8 and CodeXL released (Darkvision Hardware)

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