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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD APU? Show its October 9 Hondo this?

AMD APU? Show its October 9 Hondo this?

has uploaded to his YouTube channel a very funny video advertising, which the style of videos that preceded his Ultrathins (showing them hidden inside a PC cabinet), announces a new product that will be unveiled next week (this October 9).

I guess someone in the marketing department of AMD should like very much the nesting dolls, those traditional Russian decorative dolls, characterized by containing other similar dolls inside, which in turn contain other dolls, for since the launch of the Ultrathins ( ultra-thin notebooks based on Trinity APU-Trinity-ULV and LV), their advertising campaigns have relied on us to believe that show a desktop computer, when in fact, this equipment hidden inside an ultrathin.

AMD has this advertising to a new level by hiding inside the ultrathin, a mysterious new product from AMD, which is able to move fluidly 3D games. You do not think much to deduce that this is a based on yet unreleased AMD Hondo.

We have to wait until October 9 to know that AMD will reveal. We will keep you informed.

Link: Technically Beyond Explanation – Teaser (AMD)

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