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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD APUs Series A-2 nd generation “Trinity” test desktop

Just yesterday, AMD launched its A-Series APU second generation “Trinity” desktop for the OEM market, and Tom’s Hardware we bring the first of three new APUs launched by AMD: A10-5800K, A8- 5600K, 5400K and-A6.

The A-Series of using the new socket FM2, which we confirm that it is physically incompatible with the socket FM1 used by the APU AMD A-Series of 1 generation so you can not use an APU FM1 socket a motherboard, nor Llano APU will use a motherboard socket a FM2.

Although there is no backward compatibility between sockets FM1 and FM2, Trinity keep the APU interconnect bus UMI (Unified Media Interface), so they are fully compatible with chipsets initially developed for Llano: A55 and A75, AMD also introduced the A85X new chipset.

Without further ado here are some of the tests conducted by Tom’s Hardware:

Llano Trinity excels in most tests, except in tasks that make heavy use of floating point calculations, where the two floating point units robust Flex-FP Trinity almost equal to four floating point units Llano, which is great news, as other dual chip module and the CPU AMD FX-4170 fall defeated by Llano in such tasks. Which is a good sign about what we can expect from future microprocessors AMD FX-series based on 2nd generation micro-architecture Piledriver, also used by the APU Trinity.

Apparently AMD delivers on its promise: the new micro-architecture Piledriver is on average 15% higher than Bulldozer, which will make the CPUs and APUs based on it in a much better alternative compared to Intel and even with the old AMD CPUs based on K10.x.

As expected, the main improvement of Trinity on the IGP is plain, where there are performance improvements in graphics and GPU-accelerated computing. We recommend reading the full review of Tom’s Hardware.

Link: AMD Trinity On The Desktop: A10, A8, A6 And Get Benchmarked! (Tom’s Hardware)

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