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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Catalyst Drivers 7.12 DTE technology to bring the Radeon HD 7000 Series

AMD Catalyst Drivers 7.12 DTE technology to bring the Radeon HD 7000 Series

Just four days ago launched their new GPU Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition “XT2 Tahiti” , GPU that premiered a new version of AMD PowerTune.

This new version of AMD’s called PowerTune with Boost Technology, and has three new features:

  • Dynamic Voltage Boost (DVB): Increases the frequency and voltage to provide higher performance.
  • Higher Power Estimation Accuracy (HAPE): Offers more clocks more often, thanks to more accurate algorithms.
  • Digital Temperature Estimation (DTE) reduces overestimation of the current algorithms used to reduce the GPU temperature.

Of these three new features of the new version of PowerTune, will also be present in current GPUs AMD Radeon HD 7000 series architecture-based Core Graphic Next (GCN), and because the drivers 7.12 WHQL future, which will available next month.

Thanks to DTE, the algorithm that regulates the temperature of the GPU GCN will to act as restrictive (AMD’s called acting like the worst scenario of high temperature), preventing the frequency decreases too, which will benefit the graphics performance.

With Catalyst 7.12 WHQL drivers is not expected that all video cards based on GCN obtain the same degree of improvement that the new Radeon Edition GHz, but some free extra performance never hurt anyone.

Link: Catalysty 12.7 doplní technologii DTE i stávajícím Radeonům HD 7000 (DIIT)

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