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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Catalyst Drivers 8.98-120604th reveal new GPUs and APUs

AMD Catalyst Drivers 8.98-120604th reveal new GPUs and APUs

The old drivers now Catalyst 11.1 Preview in their guts the code names of the then unreleased APUs and GPUs Trinity Southern Islands (desktop) and London (laptops). As has become customary to look at AMD, history repeats itself with the new AMD drivers 8.98-120604 th.

Among the bowels of the new Catalyst drivers have some surprises th 8.98-120604:

AMD1305.1 = “KAVERI1 DESKTOP (1305)”
AMD1304.1 = “KAVERI1 MOBILE (1304)”
AMD1307.1 = “KAVERI2 DESKTOP (1307)”
AMD1306.1 = “KAVERI2 MOBILE (1306)”
AMD9833.1 = “KB 2C 12W (9833)”
AMD9834.1 = “KB 2C 5W (9834)”
AMD9831.1 = “KB 4C 17W (9831)”
AMD9832.1 = “KB 4C 17W (N-1) (9832)”
AMD9830.1 = “KB 4C 25W (9830)”
AMD6600.1 = “MARS (6600)”
AMD6601.1 = “MARS (6601)”
AMD6602.1 = “MARS (6602)”
AMD6603.1 = “MARS (6603)”
AMD6606.1 = “MARS (6606)”
AMD6607.1 = “MARS (6607)”
AMD6620.1 = “MARS (6620)”
AMD6621.1 = “MARS (6621)”
AMD6623.1 = “MARS (6623)”
AMD6610.1 = “OLAND (6610)”
AMD6611.1 = “Oland (6611)”
AMD6631.1 = “OLAND (6631)”
AMD682B.1 = “VENUS LE”
AMD6823.4 = “VENUS PRO”
AMD6821.1 = “VENUS XT”
AMD6820.2 = “VENUS XTX”

In the list we see that the Kavery, like the current APU Trinity be conformed by one to two modules Steamroller (up to four processing cores integer “ALUs”) and PGI have two variants based on the architecture Next Graphics Core The most powerful of them will have 512 shader processors, we assume that the alternative will have 384 or 256 shader processors. Another interesting point is that the APU will have TDPs 5W (Kaveri-SOC), 12W (Kaveri-ULV) 17W (Kaveri-LV) and 25W (Kaveri), the latter apparently variente be used in traditional notebooks, while Ultrathins possibly other while perhaps 5W variant points to tablets.

Also see the new Oland, which probably belongs to the family of Sea Islands desktop GPUs (Radeon HD 8000 Series), with Oland see some new GPUs with names of planets: and Mars, which could mean that AMD could abandon the use of city names in its notebook GPUs, replacing them by names of planets, or who knows if you try the code name for the desktop Kaveri.

Well it is too early to draw any conclusions from these data.

Links: AMD Catalyst 12.x (8.980.0 June 4) Unofficial BETA (Guru3D)

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