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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Catalyst drivers test 9001

AMD Catalyst drivers test 9001

For a long time there has been hearing rumors that amd Catalyst 9.00 drivers dramatically improve the of AMD’s DirectX 11 GPUs, and even a few months ago a leaked benchmark showing the performance of a preliminary version of these drivers , but that version filtered was focused on the AMD HD GPUs industrial (embedded).

A few days ago finally leaked Catalyst 9001 Beta drivers for desktop GPUs, and from Benchmark3D bring us a mini-review of them, in a video card based on the AMD GPU Radeon 1GB. Without further ado here some of his test where significant differences:

AMD Catalyst drivers test 9001 image 2

AMD Catalyst drivers test 9001 image 3

If we rely on the average FPS rate, almost no performance improvements were found, but the story changes if we focus on the lows, where there are increases in Batman Arkham City game (in modes DirectX 9 and DirectX 11) and in Battlefield 3. We recommend reviewing the full review Benchmark3D.

We do not recommend installing these drivers, so early in your state, but this test will help us get an idea of what the final offer of future Catalyst 9.0.

Link: AMD Catalyst 9001 September 4 Benchmark (Benchmark3D)

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