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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Hardware |

AMD CEO says “enough” to the development of CPUs, wants to point to the graphics

Rory Read, President and of chipmaker AMD, announced his interesting personal opinion about the growth in computing power that are reaching the central processors in modern computers, saying:

“There is enough processing power on any laptop on the planet today.”

Adds to his argument is the idea that most are carrying load the applications on the Internet cloud, making it on external servers where power is needed, not on local PCs. Thus, the idea of the CEO would be to their company into a graphical approach, ie increase the video capabilities of modern computers, which is already being done with AMD’s platform, which give priority to developing the hardware and allow you to run demanding 3D applications with lower power consumption.

This statement can be contrasted to that of many years ago, which would ensure that of memory was enough for any user, so that people never need anything else. Clearly today, when the kingdom of the continues to grow, this idea makes no sense, something like what might happen in the words of more soon, unless the strategy is successful graphics.

Link: AMD says “enough” (Fudzilla)

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