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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD changed its policy of secrecy regarding their products

AMD changed its policy of secrecy regarding their products

officially confirmed that its AMD A-5000 Series “Trinity” will be available next week, but surprisingly with that announcement came the first preview of them , an unusual event in AMD, a company known for its high secrecy concerning their products not yet launched.

It should be mentioned that companies like Intel and even data reveal some aspects of its future performance chips, weeks and even months in advance, we can mention the previews of microprocessors Sandy Bridge-DT ( five months before its official release ) and Ivy Bridge-DT ( six weeks before its official release ).

Another thing is that companies like Nvidia and AMD are known for their secrecy, so typically do not reveal anything about the performance of their products until the day of its official release or the term of the nda (Non Disclosure Agreement or agreement confidentiality) and just today we were surprised that AMD has urged the websites to publish their previews APU, still missing several days to launch.

This measure has not been welcomed by all the press, among them we can mention the dissatisfaction of The Tech Report, which accuses AMD of urging publish reviews “staged” because the previews released today focused on graphics performance, rather than performance, which will be published in next week’s reviews, along with the launch of the Trinity APU.

No doubt this latest move of AMD is very similar to that followed Intel with the launch of its microprocessors Ivy Bridge-DT, for which initially revealed its graphics performance in some previews, later in the official release date reveal performance your CPU.

As a tech writer, I see this change in the policies of AMD as something to criticize, but quite the opposite, because we can finally have some advance information through official channels, without having to wait until the official release or the term of the NDA; AMD and hopefully allow it in their other products as their future CPUs and GPUs Vishera Radeon HD 8000 Series.

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