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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD confirmed it will launch Athlon and Sempron CPUs based on Trinity

AMD confirmed it will launch Athlon and Sempron CPUs based on Trinity

A few days ago it was rumored that AMD was planning to launch new Athlon microprocessors to Trinity socket based FM2 . Today is AMD’s own confirming the rumor, and not only this, we also have chips for socket FM2.

The new microprocessors and Sempron for Socket fm2 will be direct competitors Pentium and Celeron microprocessors, chips that make up the economic range of Intel, but they have serious cuts in its instruction set as AES, AVX, among others. compete against them offering with new Athlon and Sempron for Socket FM2, all new instructions supported by micro-architecture present in their Piledriver Trinity as FMA3, AES, AVX, AVX 1.1, XOP, among others.

Both Athlon and Sempron will have the same specifications as the A-Series APU second generation “Trinity” with the obvious difference that does not possess IGP, although we must add a few additional differences Sempron CPUs will have the FM2, which will have a driver Integrated Memory DDR3-1600 (A-4000 and Athlon have a BMI DDR3-1866) and its issues with two modules (four cores of processing whole “ALUs”) will have only 2MB of L2 (A-4000 and dual Athlon module have 4MB of L2).

These new chips could become an interesting option if they maintain the low prices that characterized the old, but so far Sempron for Socket AM3/AM2 popular + / AM2, AMD line that continues to fuel new models like the recently launched Sempron X2 190 .

Link: AMD Athlons lanciert PDFs und zu neuen auf Semprons Trinity-Basis (Planet 3DNow!)

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