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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD confirms the launch of its APU Temash and Kabini in early 2013

AMD confirms the launch of its APU Temash and Kabini in early 2013

A few weeks ago AMD confirmed it had completed the design stage (taped-out) of their APU Temash and Kabini , which was an indication that not missing much to see them in action, and today confirmed that these new APUs will be released during the first six months of next year.

Both Temash as Kabini are based on Jaguar microarchitecture and manufactured with the manufacturing process at Global Foundries 28nm, although both are based on APUs are manufactured with different objectives: soc is a focused market for tablets and portable devices, while apu is a market-focused notebooks netbooks and ultra-thin economic; Temash replaces the recently launched APU Hondo and Kabini APU replaces the Brazos 2.0 .

recently mentioned emphasizes its focus toward consolidation in the use of manufacturing processes , sacándoles the most for as long as possible, so they focus their production strategy in the manufacturing process to 28nm for years, ignoring the not yet launched 20nm and 14nm processes, so it is likely that all your future 28nm products are manufactured to the appearance of future manufacturing process to 10nm.

AMD says its current APU manufactured with 40nm manufacturing process (Hondo, Brazos and Brazos 2.0) have shown that it is not necessary that their products require the latest manufacturing processes to be quite competitive with the products of their competitors (? Intel?), a strategy that they believe will allow them to significantly reduce production costs and to quickly focus on the development of new and better products.

We’ll see if the time is up agreeing with AMD.

Link: AMD: We Would Like to Use Process Technologies for Longer Period of Time (Xbit Labs)

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