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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD details emerge of Richland, the successor to Trinity APU

AMD details emerge of Richland, the successor to Trinity APU

Although we are just living the recent launch of APUs generate Trinity, the company is already preparing to , codename for the successor of this platform, bringing significant changes to get more details today.

The name of the final products carry the label and will take your CPU variants of two and four cores with Turbo Boost, to scale the frequency according to user needs automatically. On the graphics side, the solution will be integrated into the architecture of next-generation Radeon HD 8000 , with support for DirectX 11 API, 128 cores for dual-core models of Richland and 384 cores to quad-core versions.

Some may have noticed some differences between this information and for leaks in the past , particularly in the fact that currently we do not know if the CPU of Richland will be based on the core Pilediver or Steamroller. Because obviously, the absence of such a long time for the official launch, definitive information has not been clarified, but we remind you: we know the release dates of Richland .

Link: Richland 28nm Radeon HD 8000 gets APU core (Fudzilla)

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