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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD does not rule launching ARM SoCs for smartphones and tablets

AMD does not rule launching ARM SoCs for smartphones and tablets

Yesterday announced its recent acquisition: an license (ARMv8/ARM64 instruction set), with which it plans to develop future Opteron microprocessors based on ARM for the server market , but did not announce anything based on ARM for other segments.

It is noteworthy that AMD had a division focused on the development of ARM SoCs and GPUs for portable devices known as Imageon, which was part of his previous ATI acquisition, which was sold to Qualcomm in January 2009 (hence the popular word game Radeon => Adreno GPU for the Snapdragon SoC). This focused exclusively AMD x86 market.

Given the rapid changes in the industry, and the increasing popularity of portable devices and the micro-servers (servers low power), AMD decided to license ARM again, first acquiring a license ARMv7 (32 bits) in June this year , followed by a license (64 bits, announced yesterday).

As we reported Xbit Labs, AMD has licensed ARM since mid-2011, but the agreement was kept secret by both companies, so AMD has been working “secretly” in several projects, being the first to advertise: the inclusion of TrustZone security technology in future microprocessors and APUs, and the recent announcement of future multi-core CPUs based ARMv8 but AMD is undoubtedly saving their other projects ARM for future notices.

With this acquisition, AMD is able to offer solutions based on the most popular instruction sets industry: x86 and ARM (like VIA, which manufactures compatible with both sets of instructions for many years ), and do not rule out that in develop future products based on focused ARM as ARM SoCs targeted market of smartphones and tablets that integrate their technologies graphics (Radeon).

Link: AMD Does Not Rule Out ARM-Based Solutions for Clients (Xbit Labs)

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