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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD FirePro prepares its new APU for tablets

AMD FirePro prepares its new APU for tablets

The Future is fusion (The Future is Fusion), is the motto that proclaims since it acquired ATI back in July 2006, and finally became a reality at the beginning of last year with the launch Brazos platform (Zacate APUs and Ontario) followed by Llano and Brazos 2.0 Recently, Trinity and Hondo, the latter was established as the first bet of AMD for the market.

The winds of change are blowing strong, fast and constantly change direction as a result of the PC market is not as lucrative as before, a factor that has forced companies like Intel and AMD to take contingency measures to adapt the current market and its future direction, and these measures agree on one point: the devices (tablets and smartphones).

While both AMD and Intel have products for tablets among which we mention the Intel CPU Cloverview and AMD Hondo , yet offer a product for the professional market, but this is about to change, as it has been discovered that AMD plans to launch a APU for tablets.

APU AMD currently offers its A300 Series FirePro economic, which are actually the Trinity APUs accompanied by certified graphics drivers to accelerate 3D graphics intensive applications workstation (such as 3D modeling), and although no details have FirePro APU for tablets, we could assume that Hondo APUs will be accompanied by certified graphics drivers for graphics applications workstation.

The first of these products come from the hand of Fujitsu, and will become the first professional graphics tablet with industry leading workstations to handheld devices segment, offering better performance and reliability than the current Cloud-based solutions (the latter famous for its bad user experience), and even the solutions as iPad and other similar tablet.

Undoubtedly the FirePro APU for tablets are AMD to bet that none of his current rivals can respond with a similar product for several more months, as companies like Nvidia and Qualcomm (or any other manufacturer of ARM SoCs) have not products for tablets capable of running Windows 8 (limited to the recent Windows RT), while Cloverview Intel has a pretty old graphics architecture based on PowerVR SGX 5 Series, and its future CPU Valleyview for tablets (IGP Carlow, a shortened version of the used in Sandy Bridge) will not arrive until late next year.

Link: AMD to Enter Mobile Earning Money in a Way: Launching a FirePro APU Tablet (VR-Zone)

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