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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD FX-Series CPUs second generation “Vishera” pre-sale

According to the latest rumors, the FX-Series microprocessors second generation, known by its code name based and microarchitecture Piledriver , make their appearance this October 18 . Apparently that date could be very close to its official release, since the pre-sales of new microprocessors from AMD and kicked.

The American online store ShopBLT has begun offering four microprocessors AMD FX-Series x3x0, which can be booked for between U.S. $131.62 to U.S. $253.06:

Like all pre-sale, the prices are a little high, but we still should serve as an indication that the official release date is very close, and that the new rates should be lower as young What? Well the only way to know is on the day of its official release.

Link: Pre-order prices of AMD FX “Piledriver” CPU (CPU-World)

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