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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD introduces its Mini-PC based Kabini # CTX2013

AMD introduces its Mini-PC based Kabini # CTX2013

Earlier this year Intel Mini-PC showed its second generation NUC “Horse Canyon” , and it is expected that within a few hours or days to present its first based NUC Haswell-ULT. But came forward presenting their new Mini-PC SoC based in Kabini.

AMD confirms that it is working with many PC manufacturers, which offer a wide range of Mini-PCs with very small size Kabini SoC based on their (quad-core running at 2.0GHz Jaguar + Radeon HD 8400 graphics with 128 shader processors “GCN”) and A4-5000 (quad-core running at 1.5GHz Jaguar + Radeon HD 8330 graphics with 128 shader processors “GCN”).

These Mini-PC offer CPU and GPU performance (over-all in the latter) and features that rival to the NUC based Intel Celeron, Pentium and Core i3, but at significantly lower prices.

is one of the first manufacturers to show their Mini-PC Temash: (although BRIX offers other models with Intel Haswell microprocessors Core i7-4500U), which will be available with a wide range of SoCs AMD Kabini: A4-5000, E2-3000, E1 and E1-2500-2100.

Gigabyte has not revealed further details or price of your new BRIX GB-XM1.

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