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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Hardware |

AMD introduces its processors Trinity launches with everything to compete with Intel

Trinity AMD today officially launched its second generation of processors APU that promises substantial improvements in performance and battery life, and that spring to compete with Intel processors Ivy Bridge. Not that Intel has monopolized and everything with his ultrabooks: HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba have already committed to launching devices with these processors.

The idea is to target Trinity ultrathins, “worst nightmare” of ultrabooks “plus all-in-ones and other notebooks. Thus, A10-4600m processors, A8-4500M and A64400M point to larger computers, whereas A6 and A10-4655M-4455M are intended for ultrathins.

One of the most interesting is probably all that AMD claims that the Trinity laptops with processors costing from $ 500, keeping the thin and light design proposed by Intel. Meanwhile, Intel ultrabooks are currently around $ 800 and the company expects year-end down to $ 699.

The move could pressure prices downward, which will certainly be interesting for those looking to renew their equipment at a lower price soon. Just the last week we saw an example with the launch of a Sleekbook, an ultra-thin HP with AMD , although it shares the same design as a ultrabook, costs USD $ 599 instead of $ 799 for the versus version processor Intel.

The APU Trinity mark the debut of AMD’s microarchitecture Piledriver, Bulldozer successor, who had very poor results when it was introduced.  The processor is still based on 32nm compared to 22nm Ivy Bridge.

The GPU takes up much of the architecture, which makes sense since AMD is focusing on promoting the use of entertainment – video games and above all – on computers that use these processors, achieving a good price for the performance offered.

No ads yet on when we might see the first teams with this processor, but surely we’ll hear all the news soon.

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