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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD is committed to the markets in the cloud games, consoles and PCs

AMD is committed to the markets in the cloud games, consoles and PCs

A few days ago Nvidia predicted the end of the consoles , proclaiming that they would be replaced by GeForce GRID , its gaming platform in the cloud, which offer a gaming experience similar to that of the current consoles, but on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs

AMD, chip maker, APUs, chipsets, and GPUs for PCs, laptops and consoles, which recently announced to be the manufacturer of the GPU of the console Nintendo Wii U , shows his displeasure with Nvidia statements announcing that they engage with the for PCs, Consoles and future games in the cloud.

refers to latency, bandwidth and licensing as some of the challenges they are facing the gaming platforms in the cloud, not to mention the lack of coverage problems for both wired and wireless connections in certain locations . So consider the games in the cloud as an option for users, which is complementary to the pc and consoles as gaming platforms.

AMD claims that they have invested in the gaming platform in the cloud CiiNow , GRID platform very similar to, but obviously based on AMD GPUs; well not waste the opportunity to highlight the advantages of consoles from Microsoft, and Sony, as well solutions as CPU, and for desktops, laptops and tablets. Platforms that cover all the needs of the gamer audience.

Link: Cloud, Console or Computer, it’s Great to have options (AMD)

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