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Posted by on Oct 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD is preparing for a future non-PC

AMD is preparing for a future non-PC

today presented its financial results for Q3 2012 (July to September) and although many are worrying figures , Rory Read, of AMD, apparently not very concerned by these results, as the is moving in other direction and more quickly than I expected.

AMD believes that the business of the PC as we know it will change dramatically within the next 10 years, and announce that they are currently in a phase of restructuring to be ready to face these changes, where the pc business will become less relevant while other businesses such as computing, the industrial segment (embedded) and tablets (or tablets) become more important.

The most successful products are the AMD in all lines: Ontario, Zacate, Llano, Trinity, and the recently launched Hondo APU for tablets, and AMD APU aims to bring its other markets and the micro-servers for cloud computing, the industrial segment (embedded, which has moved much lately with their APU R-Series and G-Series ), and as integrated chip (such as GPUs for consoles) as these will be important AMD’s future.

To achieve this AMD plans to simplify the development cycle of their products and also give greater emphasis to technology adoption (intellectual property) of others, allowing you to focus avoid costly investments in research and development (R & D), and develop highly integrated SoCs quickly allow their way to more profitable markets.

The traditional PC market represents approximately 85% of revenues from AMD, a figure that in the could be reduced to 50% of their income, while participation in other markets increases.

But AMD does not focus solely on the future, since already announced that Windows 8 devices based on their APU (notebooks / ultrathins based Trinity and Brazos-based tablets 2.0 and Hondo) would have earned over 125 design awards, made which means that many equipment manufacturers have relied on AMD products, also claim that will be present in gaming consoles and gaming services in next-generation cloud , and in the market for micro-servers (thanks to SeaMicro ).

In short, it is almost impossible to predict the future. We’ll see if the weather ends up agreeing with AMD.

Link: AMD begins to move away from PC industry (KitGuru)

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