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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Launches FX microprocessors second generation “Vishera”

As announced today finally released their anticipated second Generation fx microprocessors for + socket, known by its code name Vishera, and based on the new micro-architecture Piledriver.

The family of microprocessors second generation AMD FX initially consists of four members: AMD (U.S. $199), (U.S. $169), (U.S. $132) and (U.S. $101); prices a little lower than that leaked a few days ago .

Here are some reviews of various websites:

vs Zambezi (both at 4.0GHz)

Average yield in.

Average performance in games.

AMD promised that his would Piledriver microarchitecture performance per cycle (IPC) 7% over Bulldozer , which seems to have fulfilled promise, because depending on the applications tested, there is a cycle performance by up to 20% at the same frequency .

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