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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD launches its A-Series APU 2 nd generation “Trinity” desktop OEMs

Since yesterday we have a flood of news from the event AMD Developer Summit (AFDS) 2012, and apparently the avalanche will not stop until tomorrow when the event ends. AMD today announced the of its A-Series APU 2 nd generation “Trinity” to desktop.

AMD today introduced four new desktop Trinity, which are exactly the same as revealed by “accident” on their website a few days ago :

These four new desktop APU are aimed initially at the OEM market, ie equipment manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and others, which will soon begin offering its first desktop PC based on the new AMD APU A -Series of second generation.

With these new APU AMD promises to offer users a great experience for use in applications and games thanks to its high performance, extended its support to the computation accelerated GPU (OpenCL), multi-monitor support (up to 4 monitors “Eyefinity4″). Also promises to increase the graphics performance of low-end GPUs like HD 6670 by up to 75% thanks to its Dual Graphics technology, which allows a kind of hybrid CrossFireX IGP and GPU to work together to offer superior performance.

Although undoubtedly the launch of the Trinity APU desktop is great news that AMD brings us, at the moment does not sound so good for users who build computers to your specifications using commercial components, the rumor probably have to wait until September or perhaps even earlier.

AMD ‘Trinity’ APU aan geleverd wordt to OEM’s (Hardware.Info)
Bringing the Incredible Second Generation AMD A-Series APUs to the Desktop (AMD)

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