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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD launches its Opteron X2150 and X1150 SoC “Kyoto”

Last month introduced its , for some weeks after presenting their SoC Temash . They are joined by the new SoC micro-servers AMD X Series “Kyoto” .

The new SoC AMD Opteron X Series “Kyoto” are the first AMD SoC market for micro-servers, while its future SoC ready Opteron A ARM64-based Series. is only Kabini version, so it is physically identical, but unlike Kabini, Kyoto active brings support error correction (ECC) in their memory controller DDR3-1600 integrated graphics as well as extensions and additional GPU accelerated computing its graphics.

The SoC AMD Opteron X Series “Kyoto” offer many performance advantages (IPC) and accelerated computing capabilities over the current GPU similar products existing Intel ( Atom for Server S1200 Series “Centerton” ) and ARM partners as Calxeda and AppliedMicro, becoming the most powerful option available to this segment.

In addition to its high potency, Kyoto SoCs offer low power consumption and low heat generation, ages 9 to 22W. Here the specifications of the first two X Opteron SoC Series “Kyoto” launched by AMD:

The new SoC are quite aggressive prices: U.S. $ 99 for the AMD Opteron SoC and U.S. $ 64 for the AMD Opteron SoC, and expects the first micro-based servers they are available within a few weeks, and one of they will be the HP Proliant Moonshoot .


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