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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD launches new APU that updates Geode

AMD launches new APU that updates Geode

16 years ago began the history of the integrated chips with multiple functions , which are now updated through the Fusion, trade name of APUs, chips that integrate CPU, GPU and memory controller, among other things. In this is that AMD has now released a new family of APUs, this time pointing towards the industrial area and not general consumers, called and commissions shown the old brand refresh Geode.

This is the G-T16R, x86 CPU showing a TDP of only 4.5 W, PCI interface supports 32-bit isa bus and support for analog video output VGA and LVDS plus DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, all in a die of 890 mm2.

These features allow the use of G-T16R industrial control solutions, medical devices, kiosks, sales and that kind of applications, not pointed at the general consumer but allowing large companies to save money on energy consumption with these chips that offer functionality and performance.

The idea is that this is the natural replacement APU the AMD geode LX, since it offers a 7% lower power consumption while delivering three times the performance, with a size 58% less.

AMD launches new APU that updates Geode image 2

Link: AMD outs new G-Series APU platform extends lifetime Until 2017 (Softpedia)

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