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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD launches new Opteron 6300 Series microprocessors “Abu Dhabi”

A little earlier than rumored , today launches its new microprocessors 6300 Series “Abu Dhabi” based micro-architecture and compatible with G34 socket servers.

With new microarchitecture Piledriver, the new AMD Opteron 6300 Series “Abu Dhabi” promise significant performance increases (up 24%) compared to their predecessors the AMD Opteron 6200 Series “Interlagos”, thanks to some architectural improvements as their L1-DTLB (Data Translation Lookaside Buffer L1) of 64 inputs and memory controller integrated channel Quad DDR3/LPDDR3-1866 (supporting up to 384 GB of memory installed in 12 modules of 32GB each).

The AMD Opteron 6300 Series “Abu Dhabi” initially consist of six members, which are detailed below:

Link: AMD Launches Opteron 6300-series CPUs (Tom’s ITPro)

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