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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD launches new platform Brazos 2.0

AMD launches new platform Brazos 2.0

Although I knew the specifications of the new AMD platform Brazos 2.0 . Today officially launches finally their new E2 and E2-1200-1800 with its new A68M, members of its new Brazos 2.0.

The specifications of AMD APUs E2 and E2-1200-1800 are exactly the same that were leaked a few weeks ago:

AMD launches new platform Brazos 2.0 image 2

AMD promises that its new platform cover the basic needs of most users at an affordable price and providing long-range (up to 11 hours) and extensive experience in entertainment, media (HD) and web games online with its IGP DirectX 11 API compatible with GPU accelerated computing DirectCompute and OpenCL.

Like the APU E-200/300 Series, E2-1000 Series APUs are based on Zacate core, which consists of up to two x86 cores and IGP (with 80 shader processors and architecture-based VLIW5 .)

The new AMD chipset provides two USB 3.0 ports, integrated, and offers lower fuel consumption than its predecessor chipset A50M.

AMD launches new platform Brazos 2.0 image 3

AMD launches new platform Brazos 2.0 image 4

Is expected in the coming days to make its appearance many notebooks, nettops (netPCs), All-in-One and motherboards based on AMD’s new platform Brazos 2.0 and affordable prices.

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