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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Launches Radeon HD 7750 at 900MHz

AMD Launches Radeon HD 7750 at 900MHz

The maximum energy that can deliver a PCIe port is 75W, a limit that took the GPU to position itself as the highest performance within this range. But as we advance , the people of decided to launch a new version of its product, which will not replace the previous one and will offer the option to exploit the full potential of the graphics core of the card without energy restrictions.

This will increase the frequency of the GPU from 800MHz in the “old” 7750 up to 900MHz in the “new”, which will increase the demand up to 83W and will require connection to a power cable 6-pin, rather simply connect to PCIe as the previous version.

The other features are exactly the same, including the price of $ 109 in U.S., so now they have two different versions of this card, one for those who do not want to connect to the power supply and one for those who prioritize performance.

Link: AMD Announces A New 900MHz Radeon HD 7750 (Anandtech)

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