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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Launches Radeon RAMDisk utility

AMD Launches Radeon RAMDisk utility

Last month we learned that AMD made a deal with Dataram to develop a special edition of its utility which is officially called: AMD Radeon RAMDisk ; utility is finally available.

RAMDisk is freely available to all users regardless of any x86 unused one microprcesador or APU AMD, only requires that you have installed the operating system Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8, which allows them to configure virtual drives ( disk) up to 4GB, users can configure reports AMD Up to 6GB of virtual drives. Additionally Xtreme AMD offers a version, which is priced at $ 20 and allows the creation of units up to 64GB capacity.

Unlike what we expected, AMD RAMDisk is not functioning very clever (not based on profiles), but still provides more than enough options for most users, enabling the creation of a dedicated unit for temporary files, and even a standard storage unit, automatically creating a picture of it at shutdown and restoring it again to turn it on, perfect for installing programs and games that you want to speed up your load time.

AMD RAMDisk is available for download from the web AMD Radeon RAMDisk or can download it from this link .

AMD Launches Radeon RAMDisk utility image 2

Link: AMD Radeon RAMDisk (AMD)

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