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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD launches Z-60 APU “Hondo” for tablets

Some few days ago with a curious AMD video advertising suggested that today we announce a new product , the awaited day arrived, and as we expected, today announces its new Z-60 for tablets.

The new APU AMD Z-60 “Hondo” is based on micro-architecture, and comprises two x86 cores running at a frequency of 1GHz (each with 512KB L2), a memory controller and DDR3/L-1066 graphics based architecture with 80 shader processors vliw5 running at 275MHz and supports a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1200.

Hondo is manufactured with the 40nm manufacturing process at TSMC and has a maximum TDP of 4.5W (less than 5.9W of AMD Z-01 APU “Zacate”) and according AMD consumption in HD video playback barely 1.57W (six hours of battery life), at 1.12W (eight hours operation) in web browsing and 0.75W (about two weeks of autonomy) in idle mode.

Although AMD’s roadmaps Hondo figured would be a SoC: CPU + IGP + NB + SB, Hondo fails to integrate the Southbridge (SB), and still requires a FCH (Fusion Controller Hub or SB) separately, which includes Native USB 3.0 support, eight USB 2.0 and SATA.

Despite not having fulfilled the promise of a SoC (Temash have to wait for it), Hondo allow construction of tablets and Tablet hybrids HD (convertible notebooks) with grosos of just 10 millimeters, which will be available later this month with the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8.

Link: AMD Z-60 APU AIMS at Win8 tablets, hybrids (The Tech Report)

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