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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD microprocessors also manufacture compatible with Android and Chrome OS # CTX2013

AMD microprocessors also manufacture compatible with Android and Chrome OS # CTX2013

After many years of manufacturing products mainly focused on the Windows family of operating systems from Microsoft (and also compatible with other Linux-based operating systems), AMD’s second largest maker of microprocessors industry, announces that it will also take other operating systems as and Chrome OS.

Android is an operating system mainly focused on devices based on the architecture (although there is a very advanced project to port Android to x86 ) while Chrome OS (now known as Chromium OS) supports both x86 and ARM. Both systems are very popular and are present in a range of portable devices.

Lisa Su, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Global Business Unit AMD, AMD announced that it has expanded its business and ARM chips custom c86 , opening the doors to the growing market of portable devices based on Android OS and Chrome OS .

AMD says it is working with the developers of Android and Chrome applications optimized for its chips, which are present in a wide variety of devices such as and economic clamshell.

It is noteworthy that neither Windows 8 and Windows RT have had great success in the highly competitive market of portable devices, but even so AMD claims that others also adopt operating systems; remain committed to the family of operating systems for Microsoft.

AMD expects that its based devices with TDPs from 3.9W and autonomy of eight hours or more, capture the interest of consumers, because they offer performance comparable to the PC, a somewhat different from Intel, which has optimized its Atom SoC for low power, skimping on performance.

The first devices based on Temash expected between July and December this year, while AMD ARM-based SoC sometime next year.

Link: AMD breaks from Windows exclusivity, Adopts Android and Chrome OS (ComputerWorld)


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