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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD News Conference: AMD and ARM promise to revolutionize the server market

AMD News Conference: AMD and ARM promise to revolutionize the server market

Since the recent event News Conference, AMD tells us his recent business alliance with ARM, to focus on the development of architecture-based servers (ARM64 or known by its code name Atlas), which used the of interconnect . Kicking Ambidextrous architecture ( Ambidextrous Architecture ) while AMD announced.

Warren East, CEO of ARM, and Rory Read, CEO of AMD, officially made its commercial alliance to develop SeaMicro servers, based on the architecture ARMv8 and interconnected with the Freedom Fabric interconnect technology, an alliance that will change the industry servers, and possible because both companies share the same vision and passion for innovation.

AMD has many years of experience in the server market for data centers (datacenters), and think it is time for both companies to create joint solutions focused on the future and meet different market needs by combining their technologies CPU (x86 and ARM), APUs and GPUs to deliver high performance, low cost and higher performance / watt in the industry.

But do not get an easy task, because it requires the joint efforts of both AMD and ARM, as well as the cooperation of both partners, is where Red Hat comes to carving, software giant offered to take their server solutions the architecture.

Link: News Conference AMD (AMD)

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