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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD no longer be the main competitor of Intel

AMD no longer be the main competitor of Intel

Something that many did not expect about four years ago, but it was inevitable, growth is the current role that industry has taken internal platforms for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets with leading a market growing at exponential rates and even threaten the supremacy of the “traditional computing”, by calling in some way to the computer equipment such as PCs and notebooks.

In this scenario is that the protagonists of companies in the business has changed, in a world where and AMD were the main antagonists, taking all the attention in a that has lasted years. But now the money is in addition, and as indicated by the analysts, Intel no longer see eye to eye to AMD, focusing his attention on another company that gains strength: Qualcomm.

Because the phones are moving large amount of sales, and not coincidentally many of them are inside platforms. The company has endeavored to be at the forefront of design during the hike more important in this industry, placing dedication in developing chips to support 4G lte connectivity in energy-efficient package.

This, not to mention the most important: mainframe performance that escape into the competition, even against giants like Samsung. Everyone moves under the eaves of the architecture, and Qualcomm leads in generational terms. What about Intel? Insists x86 chips, refried Atom.

Therefore, Intel is getting nervous and it’s no wonder the owners have given emphasis to mobile niche, finding that Qualcomm is now its biggest competitor, not AMD. Incidentally, NVIDIA, another company that also was the great rival of AMD, but in terms of graphics chips, forcefully entered the category of mobile phones with its Tegra platform, for a slightly more appropriate than that Intel yes, because their designs based on ARM and proprietary graphics, having more experience in the market due to the time Intel leading the project going.

Link: Intel now sees Qualcomm as main competitor (Fudzilla)

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