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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Opteron also plans a ARM based APU

AMD Opteron also plans a ARM based APU

Yesterday announced its future opteron microprocessor based on architecture (core Cortex-A57 codenamed Atlas), but a few hours ago we learned that AMD plans to further ARM-based products , and from The Inquirer report that the following ARM product will be an AMD Opteron.

AMD plans to focus its efforts in marketing as soon as possible Opteron microprocessor based multicore Cortex-A57, which is expected to be launched in 2014, but also revealed they are working on a future Opteron APU based on Cortex-A57, which will use computer graphics technologies and accelerated by GPU (GPGPU) typical of AMD, as their existing x86-based APU, and its future Opteron x86-based APU .

AMD has its own graphics technologies, so you have not purchased licenses confirmed the ARM Mali graphics technology, despite what these may sound interesting because of its very good relationship between consumption and features (also support the computing API GPU-accelerated OpenCL).

With these two products Opteron (CPU and APU) based on Cortex-A57, AMD plans to compete with other CPUs and SoCs for servers that will by these dates: Lakes Calxeda , X-Gene from Applied Micro and Boulder and Denver from Nvidia.

Link: AMD GPU will own use in ARM Opteron APUs (The Inquirer)

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