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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Opteron-based APUs Trinity will FirePro graphics A300 Series

AMD Opteron-based APUs Trinity will FirePro graphics A300 Series

A few weeks ago we learned that AMD is planning to launch a new line of Opteron-based APUs Trinity , the code name of the current APUs Series A-2 nd generation .

From SemiAccurate report that apparently this is no longer a rumor to become virtually a fact confirmed: The first will be based in Trinity, and not have to wait until the future Opteron-based Kaveri .

Reviewing the bowels of the AMD graphics drivers, we have the following identification strings:

“% AMD9905.1%” = ati2mtag_TrinityGL, PCI VEN_1002 & DEV_9905
“% AMD9906.1%” = ati2mtag_TrinityGL, PCI VEN_1002 & DEV_9906

AMD9905.1 = “A300 series ATI (FireGL V) Graphics Adapter”
AMD9906.1 = “A300 Series ATI FirePro (FireGL V) Graphics Adapter”

Leading us from these chains we can see that AMD plans to launch at least two variants of APUs Opteron FirePro IGPs A300 Series (perhaps based on variants with 384 and 256 shader processors of the AMD Radeon HD 7000 of APU).

Those of SemiAccurate speculate on their use in future servers interconnected by SeaMicro Fabric technology , though for my part would be much more interesting APUs FirePro graphics Opteron A300 series laptops, which would have a great reception by many users of graphics-intensive applications .

Link: Trinity to enter professional / server market? (SemiAccurate)

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