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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD partners with Oracle to support OpenJDK

AMD partners with Oracle to support OpenJDK

In the past, has continued to collaborate with initiatives “open” as the recent OpenCL or HSA, and so announce their alliance with pledging support to the project, also known as Sumatra.

The project’s objective is to take advantage Sumatra architectures and computing capabilities of the GPU or APU, and optimize applications running on the Virtual Machine (JVM). The idea is to move the computer “heterogeneous” the server environment and working in the cloud.

According to the vice president dedicated to heterogeneous solutions from AMD, Manju Hedge, support OpenJDK project represents “the next step in the process of bringing heterogeneous computing to millions of developers working on Java”, and that could potentially bring the development of new models of hardware and programming paradigms for cloud servers.

The announcement was made at the JavaOne 2012 event, which is taking place these days.

Link: AMD Teams Up with Oracle to Explore Heterogeneous Computing for Servers (Xbitlabs)

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