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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD prepares its new microprocessor Sempron X2 190

AMD prepares its new microprocessor Sempron X2 190

In early December last year AMD ceased production of its microprocessors Phenom II, Athlon and Sempron II based on the micro-architecture K10.5 and manufactured with the 45nm manufacturing process , curiously preparing to launch a new microprocessor-based this micro-architecture: the new X2 Semprom 190.

The X2 190 is based on the core Sparta, the same core used by the old Sempron X2 180, which was available only in the OEM market, but unlike his younger brother, Sempron X2 190 if available to the public in general (retail market).

Among its specifications are: Dual core running at 2.5GHz, 128KB L1, 1MB L2, integrated memory controller DDR3-1066, bus HyperTransport at 4000 MT / s and a TDP of 45W. The microprocessor is compatible with the motherboard socket AM3/AM3 +, and in theory should also be compatible with socket AM2 + motherboards and AM2, provided the motherboard manufacturer launches a new BIOS to recognize it correctly.

plans to place its new microprocessor in a price range of just under U.S. $42 Intel Celeron microprocessor G530. Rumor will be available on 1 July this year.

Link: 双核闪龙再推新:AMD Sempron X2 190将上市 (mydrivers)

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