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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD promises 17 times higher performance in Adobe Premiere Pro

AMD promises 17 times higher performance in Adobe Premiere Pro

A few months ago Adobe released new versions of its popular applications CS6 image editing and video (Photoshop, Premiere and others), which resulted in the launch support API GPU-accelerated computing.

The OpenCL support brought significant increases performance thanks to the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine (MGE), which makes use of OpenCL for achieving high performance in applications Adobe Graphic ; addition OpenCL is also used in the graphics engine Mercury Playback Engine (MPE), used in video editing applications from Adobe, but this support was initially limited to GPUs HD 6700m Series and under Mac environments

AMD reports that Adobe has been working to increase the number of GPUs supported by Mercury Engine, which will allow Adobe can deliver performance up to 17 times (compared to its performance when executed by CPU) thanks to be supported in a larger number of GPUs and IGPs Radeon and AMD.

AMD announced that it will demonstrate its new apu FirePro A300 Series , which will be held during the event IBC2012 , which will be held from 6 to 11 September.

No doubt many users eagerly await AMD GPUs support to Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) in its GPUs and APUs and we hope that other manufacturers such as Intel and Nvidia GPUs (there are very few Nvidia GPUs that support MPE ) join to the list of hardware supported by MGE, as both companies have also GPUs with OpenCL support.

Link: Exclusive technology preview of Adobe Premiere ® Pro Unveiled at IBC (AMD)

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