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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD Radeon HD 7990 will have four power connectors 6 pin

AMD Radeon HD 7990 will have four power connectors 6 pin

Long ago that the NVIDIA dual-GPU solution running around in the market, meanwhile, bet is delaying its release, which initially was intended for the month of April, but now ran for August .

And according to sources indicate within the industry, would be more complex and feature-rich than previously thought, which perhaps justifies the delay. Because the product, whose internal name is New Zealand, besides the two graphics cores made Tahiti XT 28nm, GDDR5 memory have 6GB total-3GB for each GPU, in addition to the well-known support for PCIe 3.0. What’s more, for the first time in a mainstream product that is not a special version Eyefinity card, there will be six integrated video outputs: four mini-DisplayPort and two DVI.

But the most striking of all is the way to deliver power to the video card, what will be done through four power connectors six-pin, instead of the classical configuration of two of eight pins. The idea here is to better regulate the distribution of power between groups of components on the VGA, as the GPU, 6GB of memory and the controller PCIe 3.0.

Link: AMD Radeon HD 7990 6GB Still in the Works, German Gamers to See it First (VR-Zone)

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