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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD readies his new microprocessor 760K Athlon II X4 “Richland-DT”

Nine months after the launch of microprocessors Athlon II X4 700 Series “Trinity-DT” , is preparing its successors based on the new Richland-DT, and the first will be the AMD 760K.

The new AMD Athlon II X4 microprocessor “Richland-DT” is comprised of two modules + (quad core) running at 3.8GHz (Turbo Mode to 4.1GHz Core 3.0), and 4MB second level cache (L2). It also has the multiplier unlocked, making it easy for you to make overclcok.

Like its predecessor (Athlon II X4 750K “Trinity-DT”) supports socket motherboards (but require a updated bios able to support its new Piledriver micro-architecture +) and has a TDP of 100W.

AMD has not revealed the price of this new microprocessor, but is expected to have a price no greater than $ 94.99 USD.

Link: AMD Athlon II X4 760K gesichtet (Planet 3DNow!)


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