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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD readies rival to Atom For S1200 Series Server

AMD readies rival to Atom For S1200 Series Server

The market for micro-servers is a new and lucrative market in which the most important companies in the industry want to take over a good chunk of the pie, but the first to launch into this market were manufacturing companies like Samsung ARM SoCs , Calxeda, AppliedMicro, Marvell, among others, Intel last week launched its first bid to the market for micro-servers: its Atom SoC for S1200 Series Servers .

also future products ready for the market for micro-servers among which we Opteron x86 APUs and ARM64 and ARM64-based Opteron CPUs , products are expected to make an appearance late next year or early 2014 at the latest to get to the party of the micro-servers! Or maybe not?

From The Register report that AMD plans to advance its foray into the market micro-servers, so very soon release a new for micro-servers, which will be based in nucleus (the same used in the microprocessors AMD Opteron 3300 Series ). This microprocessor will comprise four modules (8 integer processing units and 4 units Flex-FP) running at 2.0GHz (2.3GHz with Turbo Mode) and will have a of 25W or less.

Although the TDP of this chip may sound a little high compared to 6.1/8.1W Atom for Server S1200, its computing power will be much higher (Piledriver has a yield per cycle much higher than used in Atom Saltwell S1200 “Centerton” ) and apparently AMD aims to offer them as an option to racks Atom for Server S1200 Quad.

It is rumored that the new AMD Opteron microprocessor (no official name yet) will make an appearance in a few weeks in a new edition server to micro-servers.

Link: AMD Opteron custom plunks into SM15000 microservers (The Register)

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