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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD reveals its new platform specifications Brazos 2.0

Today AMD officially launched its new A-Series APU 2 nd generation known by its code name Trinity , which together make up the chipset AMD platform A70M Comal, but Trinity is not the only surprise that we have prepared AMD.

It is expected that the new AMD platform Brazos 2.0 makes its appearance next month , but AMD itself that we forward the specifications of its new E-1000 Series APUs “Grass” and the new chipset also A68M “Hudson-M3L ‘ , which together make up the Brazos 2.0 platform.

E-1000 Series APUs
The new E-1000 Series APUs are based on the old familiar Zacate core, which consists of two x86 cores based on Bobcat micro-architecture and IGP Radeon HD 7000 Series based on the core Wrestler (80 shaders VLIW5 + 8 texture units + 4 ROPs). The new APU E-1000 Series offer higher frequencies than their predecessors (E-200/300/400 Series) and it allows AMD to offer a higher performance architecture entérminos although there are no changes.

The new APU-1000 Series E will be formed initially by APUs E-1200 (Dual Core 1.4GHz + Radeon HD 7310 IGP with BMI 500MHz/650MHz + DDR3-1066) and E-1800 (Dual Core 1.7GHz + Radeon IGP 523MHz/680MHz + HD 7340 with DDR3 IMC-1333), both manufactured with the 40nm manufacturing process from TSMC and a TDP of 18W.

The AMD A68M
The new AMD chipset A68M “Hudson-M3L” A50M chipset replaces the “Hudson-M1″. Among the new features we are supporting 2 ports SATA-3 (with support for RAID 0/1), Gigabit LAN, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a native SD card reader integrated developments will help reduce the cost of the platform.

Like the chipset A50M, A68M chipset is made from the manufacturing process of TSMC 65nm and has a TDP of 4.7W (0.75W in standby).

Brazos Platform 2.0
With increased overall performance of the new E-1000 Series APUs and new chipset features A68M and very low consumption, AMD promises that the platform-based notebooks Brazos 2.0 will offer better features and up to 11 hours of battery life. The greatest power in the AMD IGP allows delegating more tasks to the graphics core, which is powerful enough to provide support to technologies AMD Steady Video 1.5 (hardware video stabilization “trembling”) and Quick AMD Stream Technology ( prioritizes bandwidth to improve the experience of streaming video playback).

Brazos 2.0 will be available within a few weeks.

Link: Erste offizielle Details zu Brazos 2.0 (Planet 3DNow!)

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