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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD reveals pricing of its new APU A-6000 Series “Richland”

A few days ago leaked the release date and price have not yet launched the Series A 6000 “Richland” , which in theory will arrive on Tuesday June 4.

Apparently the rumor could end up being quite successful, as AMD’s own for a few moments published list prices of its A-Series APU , which included the prices of their APU Richland, prices that were removed within minutes of publication, but fortunately the Planet 3DNow! made a snapshot:

Prices are very similar to those previously leaked, and quite close to the prices of Intel Core i3 microprocessors “Ivy Bridge”.

Undoubtedly, the new APU Richland, the most striking is the A6-6400K APU (quad core running at 3.0/4.1GHz) thanks to its aggressive price of just U.S. $ 71, making it the CPU with unlocked multiplier cheapest available today.

Link: Pricelist Offizielle wurde von AMD um “Richland”-APUs ergänzt (Planet 3DNow!)


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