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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD reveals some details of its APU Richland

AMD reveals some details of its APU Richland

According to the latest rumors, early next year is expected to launch its new AMD APU A-6000 Series “Richland” , pocoas APUs will incorporate some improvements over existing Series A-5000 “Trinity”.

According to a document published by itself confirms that like Trinity, will be based on micro-architecture and will be compatible with the current socket FM2, but this does not mean that Richland will offer some improvements over Trinity, those mentioned below:

  • Made with the manufacturing process to 28nm GlobalFoundries.
  • IGP with some optimizations and performance.
  • Support IOIC (resumed optimized energy saving modes S3 and S4).
  • Support for DDR3 memories UL-1.25V and DDR3-2133 (mono channel DDR3-1866 dual-channel).

The smaller manufacturing process along with slight improvements focused on energy savings and the memory controller will make Richland a minor improvement compared with existing Trinity APU, but certainly these improvements will be most appreciated on laptops and ultrathins, as to their desktop versions, are expected to have higher operating frequencies than current Trinity APU while offering lower consumption.

Link: AMD Family 15h Models 10h – 1Fh AMD A-Series Accelerated Processor Product Data Sheet (AMD)

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