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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

AMD shows its A-Series APU fourth generation “Kaveri” # CTX2013

It has been just few days since the official debut of the AMD A-Series third-generation “Richland” and from and gives us a preview of their successors, the AMD A-Series APU fourth “Kaveri”.

AMD confirms that the new APU AMD A-Series fourth generation “Kaveri” will be based on micro-architecture Steamroller, manufactured from the manufacturing process will be compatible with the new socket + and will be accompanied by new chipsets AMD A78 and A88X “Bolton” successors of the current AMD chipsets A55, A75 and A85X “Hudson”.

Thanks to significant improvements in performance by multiprocessing that offer cycle and the new micro-architecture Steamroller graphics combined with AMD ‘Sea Islands’ and the new unified memory controller supports human , new APU promises to be a great improvement for on current Richland APU.

The socket FM2 + (906 pin) will be backwards compatible with current microprocessors Trinity and Richland, but apparently users motherboards socket FM2 (904 pin) can not upgrade their computers to an APU Kaveri, unless you acquire a new card FM2 socket + mother.

As with the previous generation APUs current, Kaveri is available in different versions aimed at different market segments cover:

  • Kaveri-DT (desktop socket FM2 +).
  • Kaveri-GL (economic workstations socket FM2 +).
  • Kaveri-SV (notebooks socket Fs2 +).
  • Kaveri-LV (BGA socket ultrathins).
  • Kaveri-ULV (high autonomy ultrathins BGA socket).

AMD showed the graphical power of the Kaveri APU (undisclosed model, although the future is probably A-7800K APU) running smoothly the game Devil May Cry, as well as technology demonstration Project Phoenix, where they show a modern and combative Ruby. They can appreciate the full exposition of AMD (including demonstrations) in the following video:

Computex: AMD debuts fourth generation Kaveri APU chip [Video] (The Inquirer)
AMD Socket FM2 + For Kaveri APU Is Backward Compatible With Trinity and Richland (WCCF Tech)
Video: AMD Computex endorse upp på Kaveri (Nordic Hardware)
Weitere Informationen zum-Sockel AMD FM2 + (Computer Base)


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