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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD: The advantages of DirectX 11 DirectX 11.1 on

AMD: The advantages of DirectX 11 DirectX 11.1 on

A few hours ago announced its second generation of GPUs directx 11.1: their new Radeon 8000M Series H , based on architecture second generation.

Although Nvidia minimized DirectX 11.1 , AMD claims that brings advantages over DirectX 11, including mention:

  • Target Independent Rasterization: 500% higher performance in 2D vector graphics, such as those used by the user interface of Windows 8 Modern UI in web browsers with hardware acceleration and HTML5 format images. SVG.
  • UAV (Unordered Access View): Allows data sharing between the Direct3D pipeline and compute shaders, allowing hybrid graphical techniques (3D + GPGPU) in games and applications.
  • New instructions shaders to accelerate image processing tasks, video stabilization, image searches / video, gesture recognition and face.

Although some of the improvements that can be exploited AMD describes in games (UAV), the rest of the improvements of DirectX 11.1 only when used in the user interface of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 browser, so outside those applications do not exist for the moment other applications that show the benefits that proclaim, although this could change in the coming months with the launch of the AMD GPUs and future GPUs Series Nvidia GeForce 700 Series , which also will fully support DirectX 11.1; and shall encourage the release of compatible games and applications.

Link: DirectX 11 Feature Level 11.0 vs 11.1 vs NVIDIA. AMD (Rage3D)

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